June 5, 2014

I have this table that has a reference to itself and to use entity framework and query the table in an asp.net application. Creating associations to is not usual but can help in certain scenarios, for example, if you have a table containing Employee details and you want to manage Manager relation in the same table. In the post, I will use the above example and have EmployeeId and ManagerId in the same table and set the proper associations.

I cloned a project from source control repository and then opened it Visual Studio and straight way got a message that I cannot switch branches because of ResolveAssemblyReference.cache . So, what exactly is  ResolveAssemblyReference.cache?

I did searches in internet and most answers were not to worry about it. MSDN claims that this and other files like - ResolveAssemblyReferences, ResolveCOMReferences, GetFrameworkPaths, and CopyRunEnvironmentFiles - are needed for the design time in Visual Studio to work properly and intellisense may fail, however, there is no issues in building the project if these files are missing.

After thinking about it, I figured that the initial project is created using Visual Studio 2013 whereas I was loading the project in Visual Studio 2012 which is why the file generated was different from the one downloaded.

Reference: Shahed Kazi at AspNetify.com