August 25, 2013

Sometimes, when we connect to web services from within Visual Studio, I have noticed the error - 407 Error: Proxy Authentication Required while running webservice. This error is not anything to do code but basically that the system cannot connect to the remote WCF web service. To debug this issue, I usually try to navigate to the web service in the web browser - Internet Explorer. If the service is available then metadata page for the web service will appear. If not, the system cannot access the service. If it can connect via Internet Explorer, then add the following section in the web.config file. This setting allows Visual Studio to use the proxy setting from Internet Explorer to make any internet connection including connecting to the service.

Proxy Settings
  1. <>
  2.   <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" />
  3. </>


Anonymous said...

Search many files "web.config". Please specify the file location. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Search "web.config" but more than one. Please kindly specify the file location. Thanks.

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